Thursday, February 5, 2015

Oh the Mess You Can Make

Oh What a Mess You Can Make.

It’s six AM, you’re wide awake.
Time to start your day once more.
Well, that would be true,
If you hadn’t awoke up at four.

Your dada needs some coffee now,
Why don’t you sit here for a bit.
Yeah, that drawer was kinda full,
And those spoons definitely didn’t fit.

You’re right, the oatmeal tastes pretty good
With apple sauce mixed in with care.
I’m sure it will taste even better,
Once you’ve dumped it on your hair.

Let’s wash our hands using soap,
And slap the sink with a splash.
We can change that sodden shirt,
With an extra from our stash.

We’ve got the Legos back in the basket.
Sure, you can dump them back on the floor.
Your toys once fit in the toy chest,
‘Til Grandma brought you more.

Dinner is a fun affair,
With spaghetti sauce and noodles.
The red splotches on the wall
Go well with your crayon doodles.

It’s getting late, and time to bathe.
Let’s scrub your soft backside.
The sudsy water is a lot of fun
When you bail it over the side.

Bedtime now, and time to sleep.
For three books you stay awake.
But sleep now, and dream of tomorrow,
And of the many messes you can make.